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To find another survivor in real life is perhaps not so easy living with Aortic Dissection. 3 persons out of a population of 100.000 gets the illness each year. The ones who get acute type A have a survival rate of approximately 7 out of 100. Most of them die long before anyone has even thought of Aortic Dissection as a cause for their pain.

Doing the math, you will get an average of 2 survivors of acute aortic dissection type A out of a population of 1 million per year. The one-two years to come from falling ill, will decimate the numbers heavily further, due to infections, new dissections etc.

It was also only 60 years ago that the first surgery was performed on Aortic Dissection in 1954. (read more – repairing Aortic Dissection with surgery celebrate 60 years 2014)

But the strength in finding another and exchanging thoughts, fears and hope – is strong. And if you have Aortic Dissection, you are not alone. (read more – If you have Aortic Dissection you are not alone)

There are great groups on facebook to find fellow survivors. (Globally – click here  /  In Scandinavia – click here). Now there is also a group on LinkedIn to help survivors find each others. (LinkedIn – click here)