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To find another person who has experienced the same as you have, can be as potent a medicine as any pills any doctor can prescribe. It helps you to cope with the whole concept and new reality of being ill in Aortic Dissection.

We never give up and we don’t quit” Jeff Bryan, survivor of Aortic Dissection, says this encouraging a fellow survivor. She is having a dark moment, and needs strength and support to keep holding the head high and not give in to the anxiety. Jeff, having survived Aortic Dissection and still being alive, is not only entitled, but more important, has an authority to say it. And doing this he gives comfort and strength, not just to her, but to every single one of us hearing his words.

Dr Vincenzo Lepore, cardiothoracic surgeon, specialist on lifesaving surgery when it comes to acute aortic dissection type A in Sweden, looked me straight in the eye and said with a firm voice “Why you survived? It was not just time for you to go yet“. These words hold so much more than you can imagine if you have not been close to death.

Having fought the way back to some kind of normal life, every single day enduring the pain, daily facing the anxiety, going in and out of ER in hospitals, meeting doctors not understanding the illness and explaining it all, over and over again, waking up in the middle of the night in pain and in sheer blind fear – and AGAIN AND AGAIN overcoming it all, moving on one more day.

Doing all that, and more – and having survived – you are really in a unique position.

It is all on overtime. It is a bonus. It is a gift. You have been spared, because it was not your time to go yet. And this is a blessing. You could ask yourself if there perhaps is a deeper meaning and perhaps something for you to accomplish before it is your time to go. I do not know what, but why give up now, when you could have done it so easily in the ICU (intensive care unit) after surgery.

We all fall back, for many of us our condition is like a sine wave, going up and down, having some kind of equilibrium a few days before heading on in a new direction again. We survived once. Beeing alive is proof that we have it in us to do it again.



I end todays blog post by quoting Jeff again “We never give up and we don’t quit  and encouraging you if you are a fellow survivor, to find another survivor if you still have not done that (you are not alone). You find us easily on facebook (search aortic dissection). There are good mojo in these new friends.

Lots of big HUGS from Sweden