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My last blog post was done 30:th september 2012. 1 october 2012 my life changed dramatically. I got ill in Acute Aortic Dissection type A that ripped the inner layer in my aorta apart causing the aorta to swell and a false lumen to grow in both directions, towards the heart and also down towards the kidneys, stomach and legs. Today i have two scars on my chest as a reminder of october 2012. A large one from when my chest was opened and my aorta was locally repaired in the aortic arch with a graft and a new heart valve was constructed in my heart to replace the broken one. The second and smaller scar, is from when a pacemaker was put in a few weeks later as a result of damages to the heart during the first surgery. To survive Acute Aortic dissection type A, and to still be alive almost two years later (i think) has a probability of about 4%. From now on i think it is about 7-8% mortality annually if nothing out of the ordinary happens. This blog is about my life.

Aortic dissection